Dr William Rowland new Chairman of CBM South Africa

Dr William Rowland has accepted the nomination to serve as chairman of the CBM South Africa board and will bring a wealth of experience in disability and leadership to the international CBM family. William has founded several successful disability NGO’s over the decades, has served as the CEO for the National Council for the Blind, and served later as president of the WBU (World Blind Union).

Energizing developments for CBM South Africa

The board meeting in November 2014 was particularly important as the Strategy for the youngest member in the global CBM family was agreed upon for the next years.

In another energizing development the board voted for Dr. William Rowland to become the new chairman for CBM South Africa. During the board meeting William took over the leadership baton from Mr Ben Pizer who had been instrumental in founding CBM South Africa recently. William comes with a wealth of experience in disability affairs in South Africa and internationally. William has founded several successful disability organisations in South Africa, served as National Director at the Council for the Blind, was a member on the South African Broadcast Company (SABC) board, President of the World Blind Union, among serving in other distinguished leadership functions.

CBM President Dave McComiskey stated on behalf of the International Federation that the CBM family feels delighted and privileged to welcome a personality of William’s calibre into this important leadership role and wished him and CBM South Africa a blessed future and good success for the benefit of people and children with disability.

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