Nozuzile regains her independence

Nozuzile is now able to walk outside of her home and only needs her wheelchair for longer distances.

Nozuzile outside her Eastern Cape home.
Nozuzile outside her home in the rural Eastern Cape, South Africa. She is able to walk again, thanks to the efforts of RAP and the community disability workers.
Nozuzile has been part of the Rural Ability Programme for about 11 months. When the Community Disability Worker (CDW) first met her she was lying in bed, unable to stand up on her own and in a lot of pain because of tuberculosis spine.
The CDW has worked at getting Nozuzile more involved in household activities to encourage her to stand and move around. Through daily standing and using a table to walk along Nozuzile has built strength in her legs and is now able to move around on crutches. She has even started gardening again.
During a recent visit with Nozuzile, we were thrilled to be greeted by her on crutches outside her home. The smile on her face was unforgettable!

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