Masixole Namate a Community Disability Worker in the Zithulele area in the Eastern Cape

10 minutes with Masixole Namate

Masixole Namate is a Community Disability Worker (CDW) in the Zithulele area in the Eastern Cape.
Masixole joined RAP in January 2015 and makes a huge impact to the lives of the people he looks after, restoring their dignity and making their and their caregivers lives a little easier by giving home-based care.
The main reason Masixole joined RAP was to work in the community helping patients with disabilities (PWD). He wanted to help them live better and fuller lives, because previously people in his community didn’t know how to take care of people with disabilities. What makes him truly happy is that when he does home visits and notices that the goals he has set for his patients are being achieved and that their quality of life is so much better.

Masixole’s role model is Shannon Morgan, Programme Co-ordinator of RAP. He is inspired by her and her work with people with disabilities and feels that she has given him the tools and knowledge that he needs to do his job well.
In Masixole’s own words: ‘I always wanted to help people with disabilities. I grew up with family members who have disabilities and it was important to me to treat them the same as ‘normal’ people and I always encouraged everyone around them to do the same. When I saw the poster advertising the position for a CDW I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Help people with disabilities in my community.’
In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with friends and playing soccer.

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