Helping Ayabonga to Communicate

Eight year old Ayabonga has cerebral palsy

Ayabonga Songwevu is eight years old and lives with her grandmother in the Zithulele region of the Eastern Cape. She has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Her family  had not been in contact with the Zithulele rehabilitation department and was referred to the Rural Ability Programme (RAP) through another community-based NGO.

When Vuyiswa Mgudlwa, the RAP Community Disability Worker (CDW), met her for the first time, she was just five and sitting in a shallow bucket, as that was the only way she could sit up. She couldn’t talk or concentrate and even her grandmother had difficulty communicating with her.

But as you can see, from her photos, she has become, with the CDW’s assistance and regular home visits, far more independent. She can now stand and talks by using sign language and pointing. The CDW has given Ayabonga’s grandmother the tools she need to be able to look after her granddaughter, making both their lives a little easier and helping Ayabonga have a better quality of life.

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