Nkosomzi Mbengenya finds independance

Helping Nkosomzi be an active member of his family

Nkosomzi washing his clothes
We recently profiled Nosakhiwo Blayi, a Community Disability Worker (CDW) who works for the Jabulani Rural Health Foundation in the Eastern Cape.
She is absolutely passionate about making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and has a special story to share. She helped Nkosomzi Mbengenya (28) become an active member of his family. Nkosomzi has an intellectual disability and has never been to school. 
When Nosakhiwo first met him in August 2014, he was not involved in any of the household activities. He sat on the sidelines, not knowing how to help himself and his family didn’t know what to do, causing frustration all round.
His involvement with the Rural Ability Programme (RAP) has encouraged his family to help him to learn and participate more in daily life. He now washes his own clothes, helps with the dishes and is even able to sweep the floors.
Nkosomzi’s family are very thankful because they thought that he was not able do anything because of his disability, but now they now know that this doesn’t prevent him from participating in family life.
CBM South Africa is working with the Jabulani Rural Health Foundation, focusing on people with disabilities and we feel privileged to be able to help Nkosomzi.

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