RAP making a difference in the community

Making a difference in Melokuhle’s life

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We recently profiled Masixole Namate, who is a Community Disability Worker (CDW) in the Zithulele area in the Eastern Cape. Masixole is passionate about what he does to help make an impact on the lives of the people he looks after, restoring their dignity and making their and their caregivers lives a little easier by providing home-based support to those who don’t have easy access to healthcare facilities. 

Melokuhle Parafin was already 18 months old and couldn’t walk or even stand when Masixole first started seeing her in January 2015. Developmentally, she was far behind her peers.The Zithulele occupational therapists were asked to help and they started treating Melokuhle’s developmental delay. Masixole was asked to follow up and support the family with appropriate activities and a home programme that had been recommended by the therapists.

It’s only been a year and a half, and with the support of the Rural Ability Programme (RAP), Melokuhle has progressed in leaps and bounds. She is now able to stand and walk on her own. When Masixole visits, he feels a sense of accomplishment at the progress Melokuhle has made and is delighted to see the lively little girl who greets him.

Melokuhle’s family can’t believe the difference this has made on their lives and say: “We never thought that our child would be able to walk. We appreciate RAP and how it has helped Melokuhle. We hope it will continue to help people and children with disabilities, because there are many people, like us, who need help in our area.”

It is not an easy job, but success stories like Melokuhle continue to inspire Masixole and he has a sense of purpose each day, knowing he is doing what he can to help his community.

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