Mzolisi Mhlekazi recently enrolled in RAP

Man in wheelchair with his uncle
Mzolisi Mhlekazi recently enrolled in the Rural Ability Programme (RAP). He is 36 years’ old and recently became ill and is confined to a wheelchair.
Issues of accessibility in his community are HUGE and have a real impact on his right to dignity and accessible healthcare.
It is very difficult for Mzolisi to get the medical attention he needs. To get to his closest hospital means someone carrying him on their back through a forest; then a rope is attached to his wheelchair and he is pushed and pulled up the hill. This can take up to two hours and requires two people to assist him because unfortunately no taxis can get to his home because of the poor road conditions.

Masixole Namate, one of the Jabulani Rural Health Foundation’s Community Disability Worker (CDW) will now be visiting him regularly and hopefully this will help to decrease the number visits he currently makes to the hospital and make his life a little easier.

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