Hope for Kwakhanya

A boy, a cat, and his mom

Kwakhanya Hlozwa was just two years old in late 2014 when Community Disability Worker (CDW), Vuyiswa Mgudlwa started seeing him.
He was struggling to sit and crawl and spent most of his time lying on the bed or on the mom’s back, doing nothing. His mom had a difficult birth that resulted in a premature birth and him having Cerebral Palsy. He is also visually impaired and his family did not know how to communicate with him. He wasn’t good with engaging with people, but loved to listen to music.
The biggest change since his CDW has been visiting is that he spends less time on his mom’s back and his mom has started using the equipment recommended by the RAP team, such as a bench. He doesn’t fall over anymore and he can now sit on the bench holding his cat, whom he loves, and listen to music.
The family are grateful for everything that Vuyiswa has helped them with, even the suggestion of collecting shiny pieces of paper to make toys for him to play with. He plays differently now. Before, he would just hold objects if they were placed in his hand. Now, he interacts happily, entertaining himself … and sometimes his family!
This short video shows just how far he has come. Kwakhanya is sitting on a bench while his mother calls to him to get his attention – as you can see, his faithful furry friend is right there, offering moral support and helping Kwakhanya to get the most out of life.
A boy, a cat, and his mom – proof that the Rural Ability Programme is changing lives in the Eastern Cape!

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