King is happy to hear again

King Nxakumfana

Black man sitting on chair

King Nxakumfana (76), who hails from Khawula village in the rural Eastern Cape, was first identified as someone in need of assistance by the community disability workers (CDWs) in June 2014.

He had experienced hearing loss that was affecting his ability to communicate with his family and friends, isolating him from his loved ones and community. Once he had been referred to the audiologist at Zithulele Hospital, and underwent a hearing test, it was found that he had significant hearing loss and was then fitted with a hearing aid.

Fortunately, CBM SA’s CDWs have received quite extensive training from the audiologist on how to identify hearing loss and how to assist people with hearing loss. Nosakhiwo has been able to help King adjust to his new, louder world, and King’s wife has explained that she thinks that the CDWs do a great job – especially after they were able to help her husband! She admits that the family had no idea that King could be helped, and she is very grateful to the CDWs and the team at Zithulele Hospital.

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