Tabisa making a difference

CDW Tabisa loves interacting with people

Tabisa Hlalendini has been a community disability worker (CDW) for two years and hails from Kotyana, a village in the Eastern Cape.

Like many of her fellow CDWs, she joined the Rural Ability Programme because a member of her family has a disability. In this case, it was her brother-in-law, and she is very proud that the skills she has learnt to help the people with disabilities also makes a difference in the lives of her loved ones. (Her brother-in-law weave grass mats and sells these to people in his community. She was quite proud of this when she took me to meet him)

The most rewarding aspect of her work has been nurturing and honing her ability to speak in front of people – quite a scary prospect for some! She also loves to interact with the staff at the hospital, which was something that she found quite intimidating initially.

She describes Programme Coordinator, Shannon Morgan as her role model, saying: “She is my role model because she is like a mother to us as a team. She leads us well, and wants us to know things and – and to keep learning. She has great rehabilitation skills and is able to speak to anyone, under any circumstances. She is like a mother who wants her child to grow, with the power to learn.”

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