Buzeka changing situations for the better

Buzeka an empathetic and caring CDW

Being aware of the suffering of people with disabilities in rural communities has made Buzeka Nkanunu an empathetic and caring community disability worker (CDW).

She started working for the Rural Ability Programme (RAP) in May 2014, when the intervention was still in its infancy. Buzeka explains that she was saddened to see that people with disabilities were being treated differently in the community and set about changing the situation for the better.

Her greatest joy is in seeing that people get the help that they need – whether it is the rehabilitation of a patient who has a temporary disability or helping a family to cope better with a child with serious challenges.

When asked what the funniest experience she has had with RAP, she explained that she had just started a household visit in a new community when several other people arrived with their clinic cards, wanting treatment for a variety of ailments, as they thought she was a visiting doctor!

In her spare time, she visits the elderly in the community and loves listening to their stories of the ‘old days’, comparing them to life in 2016!

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