Vuyiswa wanted to help people with disabilities

Vuyiswa grabbed the opportunity to help with disability

It is frustrating to watch a person with a disability and not know how to help – and it was this frustration that brought Vuyiswa Mgudlwa to the Rural Ability Programme (RAP) in 2014. Vuyiswa’s father has a disbility and is a wheelchair user, and when the opportunity arose to join RAP as a community disability worker (CDW) and learn how to help, she grabbed it!
She explains that although she finds the work enormously rewarding and takes pride in the difference she makes in people’s lives, it is sometimes difficult to educate them about disability, and the importance of including a family member with a disability into the household and community.
She enjoys the regular training days that RAP hosts to help the CDWs to expand their specialised knowledge and also learn from one another – she says, smiling broadly, that some of the stories they share are quite funny and give the CDWs the opportunity to see the lighter side of the serious work that they do.
Vuyiswa adds that her role model is Nosakhiwo Blaayi (a previously featured CDW) because she is a hard worker and is almost always the first one to initiate a new project.

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