Ndikhokele goes to school

Ndikhokele is excited to be given the opportunity to learn

Ndikhokele Ngeleni was born with Spina Bifida and walks with crutches. He struggles with pressure sores on his feet because he has poor sensation in his feet and often can’t feel it when he hurts himself.
He was at a special school in 2015, but they neglected his pressure sores and they became extremely bad, so his grandmother took him out of the school and brought him back home again. Nosakhiwo Blayi, one of RAP’s community disability workers, spent time with him last year preparing for school: learning colours, counting and shapes at home.
Ndikhokele’s grandmother thought that he would not be accepted at the junior school that is so close, it is visible from their home’s front door, so she had not even tried to enrol him. Nosakhiwo has helped him go to the local junior school and has spent time talking with the teachers to explain that he does have the ability to learn; he has just never been to school.
The teachers thought he should know more, given his age (12 years old), but Nosakhiwo explained that he has never really been to school – only for about three months at the special school.
Nosakhiwo continues to help with his foot care, working on getting his feet better again.

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