Teaching Sange to communicate

Helping Sange to be a little more independant

Boy in wheelchair with chicken

Sange Mapeyi is a cute four-year-old little boy who has cerebral palsy. He lives with his grandmother in the rural village of Mngazi in the Eastern Cape.

When Nosakhiwo Blayi, his Community Disability Worker (CDW), first started seeing him in August 2014, he could just sit upright, and struggled to control his head movement. He also struggled to eat and was often ill.

Just two years down the road, Sange is ‘rolling’ on his own and can sit with less support. He is also eating better and coughing less.

On a recent home visit, the Rural Ability Programme (RAP) team adjusted his wheelchair so that he can sit on his own when he eats and doesn’t have to sit on his granny’s lap any more. She can now push him safely in the chair and he won’t fall out. Toys have also been tied to the lap tray of his wheelchair so that he can play and also to help to stimulate him.

He is trying to communicate and his CDW is teaching his granny a few strategies to help support him develop his ability to interact with others.

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