Noluthando finding hope

Noluthando getting her independence back

Noluthando was working in Cape Town when she had a stroke, and had to return to the Eastern Cape because she was unable to continue working.
Nosakhiwo, one of the Rural Ability Programme’s (RAP) Community Disability Workers (CDW) found Noluthando at home, where she was feeling quite hopeless. She was not accessing any rehabilitation services and depended on the relatives she was living with to cook her food and fetch her water. She also had a temporary Disability Grant that was about to expire.
Nosakhiwo referred her to an occupational therapist at the clinic, where she learnt techniques to adapt activities and was also given a chopping board to make it easier to prepare vegetables for cooking. She is now using her grant, which she has been able to extend, to provide for herself and her eight-year-old daughter. They have moved into their own home and Noluthando fetches water, cooks meals and even does her own washing.
Shannon Morgan,  the RAP’s coordinator, explains: “When Noluthando returned home from Cape Town she was feeling so sad and just wanted to give up on the idea that she would ever be okay again. She is feeling better now and has hope because she is more independent and able to care for her child.”

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