Kwakhanya getting the help he needs

Kwakhanya learning to talk and sit

Kwakhanya Tshidi was just a few months old when Vuyiswa Mgudlwa, a Community Disability Worker (CDW) from the Rural Ability Programme (RAP) visited his house for the first time. Doctors had warned his mother, Nondilile, that he may have complications due to his difficult birth, but these were never fully explained to her until Vuyiswa came to see her and Kwakhanya in their home.
Kwakhanya was struggling to talk, play and sit. After assessing him and talking to his mother, Vuyiswa referred him for occupational therapy at the nearby clinic and also to a speech and language therapist.
Since that visit and after spending time working on the recommended therapies, he is happy and really doing well. He able to say a few words, sit on his own and play with the other children in his home.
The family is extremely thankful to Vuyiswa for her help and for referring their child to the occupational therapists, because they did not understand that he has a disability and that with the right treatment, he could be helped.

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