Challenging invisible disabilities

The right medication makes all the difference
Malusi Mahobe (39) has mental and physical disabilities. Before the Rural Ability Programme’s Tabisa Hlalendlini started working with him and his family, Malusi spent most of his time walking around in the community and his behaviour made some members of the community uncomfortable . With Tabisa’s help, he is now on regular medication and life is much better.

The symptoms of his illness made him do things that the family and community did not understand, but now he helps at home – working with the family on daily tasks. He has been taking his medication for about a year, and it has made a huge difference in his and the family’s life. They were worried that he would hurt someone unintentionally.

Shannon Morgan, coordinator of the RAP explains: “The ‘invisible difficulties’ are even more challenging than the ones we can see.” She added that because Malusi was born with a disability, his mother did not believe that anything could be done to improve his situation, but luckily, Tabisa convinced her that the medication would help and Malusi’s circumstances were turned around!

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