Ovayo gets moving

A RAP good news story

Ovayo is just three years old and lives with her grandmother and five cousins, as her mother passed away when she was a baby. She has cerebral palsy and is a patient at the rehabilitation department at Zithulele Hospital.
Masixole Namate is a Community Disability Worker (CDW) from the Rural Ability Programme (RAP) in her area. When he first met Ovayo, she was developmentally behind, was ‘bum-shuffling’ around at home, and not able to pull herself up. Although she’s unable to communicate verbally, Masixole has helped her to find a way to communicate her needs with her family.
Ovayo had sporadically attended school, but with the school moving to new premises that are closer to her home, she now attends more regularly. Her teacher says she has integrated well into school life and plays with other children. She adds that she is happy to have Ovayo as part of the class. Masixole has also given her teacher some tips and strategies to help Ovayo be part of the class and help her to learn. She now has also been given a k-walker, a walking frame with wheels that is helping her to be more mobile.
The picture shows Ovayo’s graduation ceremony, but since she is still quite young, she will remain in the class for another year.
CBM SA’s flagship programme is RAP, which aims to make a meaningful and sustainable difference to the lives of persons with disabilities in remote and rural areas of the Eastern Cape, focused on the villages around Zithulele Mission Hospital. It promotes the inclusion of persons with disabilities in community life and activities.

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