Presidential support for disability

On Tuesday, 26 February, the Presidential Working Group on Disability (PWGD) met with President Cyril Ramaphosa, who committed government to joining the disability sector of South Africa on a journey towards the full empowerment of people with disabilities.

CBM South Africa board member, Alex Msitshana, who is also a member of the PWGD attended the meeting and explained: “The disability sector spoke with one voice and were united in our action plans. We will now monitor implementation and work with the President and all government departments to make sure that people with disabilities are not left behind.”

The disability sector was represented by: Action in Autism, Epilepsy South Africa, the Association of Hearing Loss Accessibility and Development; Disability Workshop Development Enterprise, the Deaf Federation of South Africa, the Africa Disability Alliance, the Black Management Forum, the Albinism Society of South Africa, the Paralympic Committee, Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) South Africa, Down Syndrome South Africa and Disabled People South Africa.

Other stakeholders included the Albinism Society of South Africa, the Institute for the Promotion of Disabled Manpower, the Disabled Children Action Group, the South African Federation for Mental Health, Kgalagadi People with Disabilities, Disabled Women South Africa, the Disability Empowerment Concerns Trust, the Disability Association for South African National Military Veterans, Deaf Empowerment Firm;,BlindSA, the South African Deaf Youth Development Project;,the National Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy, the SA National Association of Blind and Partially Sighted Persons, disability veteran Ms Washiela Sait, the QuadPara Association of South Africa,the Global Mental Health Peer Review Network; and the South Africa Disability Development Trust.

RAP making a difference in the community

Making a difference in Melokuhle’s life

smiling little girl
We recently profiled Masixole Namate, who is a Community Disability Worker (CDW) in the Zithulele area in the Eastern Cape. Masixole is passionate about what he does to help make an impact on the lives of the people he looks after, restoring their dignity and making their and their caregivers lives a little easier by providing home-based support to those who don’t have easy access to healthcare facilities. 

Melokuhle Parafin was already 18 months old and couldn’t walk or even stand when Masixole first started seeing her in January 2015. Developmentally, she was far behind her peers.The Zithulele occupational therapists were asked to help and they started treating Melokuhle’s developmental delay. Masixole was asked to follow up and support the family with appropriate activities and a home programme that had been recommended by the therapists.

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Disasters & Disability Fact Sheet

Disasters can utterly devastate communities, especially in poor countries where there are less resources to prepare for and recover from them. People with disabilities are amongst the most vulnerable when disaster strikes and often unable to access the relief efforts that follow.

Your support helps us towards achieving our goal of a world where disaster response programs address the needs of people with disabilities, ensuring that no one is left behind.

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