What We Do

what we do

how we impact our communities

Working with rural communities

CBM South Africa has resolved to work with rural communities, specifically in the Eastern Cape, supporting community disability workers (CDWs). These dedicated individuals visit people with disabilities to facilitate rehabilitation and help families to manage relationships and the practicalities of caring for a person with a disability. The organisation is also working on increasing its activities, with plans to support a rural eye-care clinic and to provide resources to schools for children with disabilities.

To achieve these goals, CBM SA is committed to

  • Working with and supporting all levels of government to successfully implement existing legislation for people with disabilities
  • Working at a national and local level to demonstrate model Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programmes
  • Working with people with disabilities and their organisations to strengthen their capacity to advocate for change themselves
  • Working with a range of civil society members, programme partners, international partners and churches to promote inclusion of disability in development policy and programmes

We are CBM

We are CBM, an international development organisation. Every day, CBM is working to restore life to people living with disability in the world’s poorest countries. Courtesy of CBM Australia